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Kekistani Grinder

When the lines are down, only DUTY calls! · By CommonPepe


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Linux version, crashing installer
So the open-GL Linux / win / mac version runs fine. But the installer crashes for Linux users. This is currently the first item on the programming agenda...
Linux or Mac? Should work!
OpenGL version... Cross-platform, Windows, Linux, or Mac...
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When the lines are down, only DUTY calls!
When RAR goes WRONG
So I uploaded a game last night... Tired, and SO DONE prepping the launch package... Then this morning, it hit me... Why was the upload size around 250 megs? It...
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GRINDER is here! My first public release, I hope a few people find their way here. No marketing, no social media... Should go well! Feed-back would be appreciat...
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Been a few months...
Alright, looking into posting "Grinder" soon... Right now, looking into, seems a little toxic / political for my taste, but I guess we pepes just have t...
Finding you. YES, YOU.
First "dev-log".... Better make it short and sweet... I've been sitting on this game for a while, with no real drive to release it. Lets get it out the door, sh...
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Unfortunately, running `setup` in 32bit wine doesn't work. Something opens for a split of a second, but close immediatel...
started by Serpent7776 Jun 30, 2020
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